Wednesday, March 01, 2006

swiss chard dal

swiss chard is similar to spinach but I actually prefer swiss chard, especially when it is fresh and tender. It also has pretty red stems (stems can be white also) which lend a nice color to the dal. Not to mention the health benefits.
So Tuesday's dinner was:
swiss chard dal
leftover chicken
cucumber tomato raita

Here is how I made the dal... its very fast and simple.

masoor dal 1/2cup
a small bunch of swiss chard, chopped. include the stems, but cut off any tough part.
1 small red onion chopped finely
Turmeric, salt
seasoning- mustard seeds, cumin seeds, curry/kari leaves
sambhar powder
lime (OR tamarind**)

Boil the dal and swiss chard together, with 1.5 cups water and turmeric and salt.
Once its cooked, mix it well and add water if needed.

In a small pan heat oil/ghee and add the seasoning. Then add the onion and sautee it well. At the end add the sambhar powder, stir and turn off the heat.

Add this to the dal immediately.
Sprinkle with lime juice.

**If using tamarind instead of lime, add it just after the dal is cooked and bring back to a boil so the tamarind taste is not raw.
But do not boil after adding lime juice or it will become bitter.


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