Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The Sriracha incident

One day I was shopping at the local walmart, and happened to notice a bottle of sriracha chili sauce. Now I had heard something about this here and there, and decided to try it out.

So, I get to the register. Most of the people at the registers of my walmart are Indian. No matter.
Well, the cashier lady picks up my bottle of chili sauce, examines it for a bit and then says "This is very hot, isnt it?". I just smiled because, I assume it is, but havent tried it yet. Anyway, I can take my food REALLY hot.

Then she goes on to ask what kind of cooking I do, that I plan to use the sauce in. " Well", I stuttered, "mostly Indian, but Im not sure what to use it in yet". So next she asks THE QUESTION. Yes, that oh-so-common one that I STILL never have an appropriate answer for, and always makes look like a bumbling fool. "What indian food do you cook?" - What indian food do i cook? I dont know.

I started writing a list once, that i never finished, of just what indian foods I do make. I got more than 100 items. I cover things from north/south/(not too much from east) and west. So, how do I answer that question? Well, first my mind went totally blank. The second thought in my mind was sambhar. Then I got weirdly self concious of pronouncing it wrongly(there happened to be another indian woman behind me in line too). Then I thought, wont that imply I only cook south indian? I searched in my head for SOMETHING to say and didnt find it.

her: "what indian food do you cook"
me: " a lot of things"
her: "a lot of things?" *smile*
me: *smile*
her: thinking.... what, is she acting up because im indian? idiot!
me: thinking..... im an idiot

Anyway, people, please tell me......... how do I answer this next time I'm put on the spot?
Are you asked this also? What do you reply?


Blogger GoriGirl said...

I have been asked this too.. and Don't know what to answer, to afraid of my pronounciation I usually just say chicken curry or something stupid and run away.

December 01, 2005 7:04 AM  

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