Monday, December 26, 2005

Holly Jolly Christmas

We invited a couple friends over. So, of course that means lots of cleaning, preparation, etc. My husband totally irritates me at times like these because I think I do all the work and he thinks he doesnt get credit for helping out... Well, thats a story for another blog ;)

The menu:
Aloo tikki with coriander chutney
chicken biryani
chicken varuval(fry)
mutton kurma (all meat was halal)

Followed by coffee(latte?)made with my fav instant espresso
Served with homemade cookies I baked the night before.....
Ginger cookies

We really liked the ginger snaps! Soo much better than store bought!
I enjoy the anise flavour of the biscotti but overall the ginger ones are better.

Edit: my own notes for future use....
1lb mutton
2lbs chicken- could have used more chicken for fry.
3cups rice(dry) for biryani
enough for 8 people


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