Tuesday, January 17, 2006

long weekend

Friday, had pizza.

Sat. we went out of town. So dinner was at an asian noodle place (I had pad thai, dh had singapore noodles, B had sweet and sour chicken)

Over the three days, I made 'puffed rice' upma, sweet/sakkara pongal, bottle gourd curry, we went to "udipi cafe" and my husband actually cooked! He made one (of his two) specialties(and both involve eggs)... egg paratha masala. :D

This is what he does:

Take a package of frozen paratha, thaw it, and tear into bite size pieces.
chop onion and 1 tomato, green chili if you like
beat 6 eggs in a bowl(or according to the number of parathas)

In a large pan put oil and add tarka. then fry the green chilies, onions well and add the tomatoes, salt. Add the beaten eggs and sambar podi/masala of your choice. Stir it till half cooked and add the paratha pieces. finish cooking. Top with coriander leaves-optional- thats my addition ;).


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