Friday, February 24, 2006

happy val day

ok, i admit...... im not a romantic. i really dont find anything to celebrate in valentines day, except as a gimmick for companies to make money off flowers and chocolates and sometimes teddy bears which will only clutter up my place. i would personally feel getting a single rose in my favourite colour on a day which is NOT val day, to be more romantic than doing something thats expected. i also dont like to spend a lot of money, so in a way sometimes i think i have spoiled things that my husband would have wanted to surprise me with(by telling him dont spend on gifts for me). anyway, i did decide to make a nice dinner at least. ordinary but nice....

however, since i have taken so long to write abt this, unfortunately, ive forgotten all that i cooked...

I know there was
brinjal bhaji
kohlrabi sambhar
rava dosa

-i forget what else :(


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