Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Mon- and a recipe

pork curry

We rarely eat pork. Maybe twice a year, if that.
But one day while grocery shopping there it was. On sale. Pretty and pink. So, I bought it, not having a plan of what to do with it.
Now, I had this pork to use up and a lot of dosai batter.
So, I thought what spices will go well with pork and this is what I came up with...

(measurements approximate- I never measure)

marinate the pork(cubed small) in some ginger and lots of garlic, a
little mustard paste and tumeric powder.
chop one large onion and one large tomato
1T coriander powder
1-2t cumin powder
red chili powder
fenugreek powder(not much. maybe half teaspoon)
lots of black pepper powder
mustard seeds
3cloves, cassia
curry leaves

-grinded coconut paste -optional- Or a little vinegar for sourness.

Put oil in pan and add mustard seeds,cloves,cassia and curry leaves. Add
onion and fry till translucent. Add pork and cook till outside changes
color. Add spices, tomatoes, and salt. Cook down the tomatoes and mash
with cooking spoon. Add some water, maybe a cup, cook
till desired thickness. I had abt a tablespoon of coconut chutney from
the night before so i added that in at the end! it was really good. We
had it with dosa but im sure it would be good with rice or roti too.

This is the second time Ive made it. It was excellent with the dosai!


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