Tuesday, December 13, 2005

What happened Betty Crocker??

On Sunday night I baked a cake...... yes from a box, for shame for shame!! (and last week it was brownies from the same source, so help me)

I dont know if the quality of the boxed cakes is getting worse, or its just the brand. I used Betty Crockers "triple chocolate fudge" cake and the "Whipped butter cream" frosting.

One thing is for sure : I will NEVER use the betty crocker "whipped" type frosting again. The texture was terrible and the flavour seemed really "off". The cake itself wasnt as good as I was expecting either. I think I might prefer "Duncan Hines".

The brownies were Ghirardelli...... mmm, thats better.

But, hey, if you want real recipes, I've got


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