Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sweet Tooth

No, I wasnt referring to myself.... though I do love those sweets.
But, for now, I meant my cat.

I have heard so many times that Cats are NOT ABLE to detect sweet flavours, but I simply cant believe that. My kitty, the orange one, is a sweet-a-holic! And its not just with one thing..... its anything sweet. When we are eating desserts, he can SMELL it from anywhere and come running. Hes a very strange cat. He also 'plays fetch'. But anyway.....

Today, I was having chocolate pudding with whipped cream(just a little! hehe) and of course, he comes running out of nowhere...... climbing around me, and trying to get at the bowl from different angles. Finally I took a little "cool whip" on my finger and put a dab right on the top of his nose. Not the tip, the top. So of course, he cant reach it, lol. But it was fun watching him try. At the same time, my little one(the kitten) comes around, so I dabbed the remaining on her nose. SHE DID NOT LIKE THAT. For a while afterwards she was angry at my hand and swatted me whenever my "fingers" went near her. Well, that was my amusement for the evening.


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