Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sweet paniyaram

I havent updated in such a long time. I was hoping to blog about some things before I forget how I made them, and hope that its not too late, haha! Here is one..... and I really wish I had taken a pic!

1. Pancake flour- the kind which says to add egg and oil and water. I didnt like this kind, so I wanted to think of something to use it up.... I see I was not alone in that thought! Some other bloggers have tried it too :)

2. Very ripe banana, completely mashed

3. A spoon of coconut oil

4. Cardamom powder + a couple spoons of sugar

5. Poppy seeds(white)/khus khus - this is what made them for me. the slightly nutty crunch it adds is yummy.

5. Milk to bring it to consistency

Heat the paniyaram chatti and keep on medium-low, because these can burn easily due to the sugar. Add a little oil/ghee to each indentation. Pour in the batter. When it gets bubbles on top, flip them over, cook until inside is done.

I actually tried separate batches with oil or ghee. As you can guess, the ghee ones came out MUCH better!


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