Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gajjar Halwa........ pressure cooker version

I made an almost perfect carrot halwa today........ Almost, but it was too sweet. Its first time I used pressure cooker for this.

1 pkg baby carrots - grated
2c milk
1c? brown sugar or mixed sugar ( I put 1.5-2c but it was too much)
ginger powder(a small pinch)

Pressure cook milk and carrots and saffron for 15 mins or so. After pressure gets released, bring to a hard boil again. Add sugar. {I put dk brown sugar, demera sugar, and white} . When almost all milk is absorbed add the cardamom and ghee(or toast nuts in ghee and add it). Stir until it comes together.

What I did was, added the sugar to taste while milk was still there so it became too sweet when it reduced. then the sugar syrup separated. So I drained off the extra sugar syrup and mixed it with milk. It was delish.


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