Wednesday, September 13, 2006

End of Summer Woe

As yet another summer comes to an end, I tend to think about one thing.... No more fresh corn or watermelon!!

Yes, they are two of my favourites, and why is it so hard to find good ones? Not fair.

Every summer I tell myself I will eat corn and watermelon EVERY DAY. But then the watermelons dont look right, so I wait. The corn was not sweet enough, so I wait. And summer passes by with more mediocre fruits and veggies. (Bleh to corporate farming!)

I was able to score some very good corn this year(in between the mediocre stuff), and Im happy for that. And so, before it disappears for another year, Im going to try and get my fill.....

Here was a recipe I made up the other day. Didnt get any pics though :(
Also planning to try out a few variations.

Corn snack:

1-2 corn taken off the cob (white or any)
3-5 green chilies -minced
red chili powder
mustard seeds
1t olive oil
coriander leaves -chopped
fresh lime juice

Add oil to the pan and pop the mustard seeds. add green chilies, then the corn. When corn is done and getting some roasted spots add a pinch of chili powder and salt. Remove from stove and add lime juice and coriander leaves(cilantro).

I also want to try it with roasted onions and roasting the corn before cutting the kernels off.

Another variation is to add raw red onions chopped finely and some chaat masala. MMM


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