Monday, January 15, 2007

mor kuzhambu, karela fry

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Mor kulambu

Cut white pumpkin in cubes. cover and boil in little water.
Grind green chili, coconut, cumin seeds, and 1t besan, optional, with water(can use water from the veg).
Add coconut mixture to the veg. Then add buttermilk, salt. Heat on med-low flame just until it boils.
Fry methi seed, red chili, mustard seed, curry leaf, hing, and turmeric in oil. let it cool 1 min then add.

Karela fry

1 onion sliced thin lengthwise
2-3 bittergourd sliced thin rounds
mustard seed, curry leaf, red chili,

(optional)Salt the karela and keep aside one hour. Rinse well.
Fry the seasoning in oil, then add onions. when onions are half cooked add the bittergourd and salt. Cover for 5 mins, then finish frying without lid until crispy.


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