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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Veggie burgers

1 potato, boiled, mashed
1/2c quinoa cooked with bay leaf, turmeric, salt, whole garam masala
lots of chopped coriander
1c mashed beans (i used rajma)
finely chopped onion
chili powder
cumin seeds

besan flour

Mix all ingredients, using food processor if needed. Shape into patties. If it is too much moisture add a little flour(or bread crumbs). Then coat the patties in besan flour and keep aside for 5 mins.
Heat oil to coat the bottom of iron skillet. Cook until nicely browned on the outside. Serve on buns with ketchup or green chutney.

** you can also had some minced veggies such as carrot, peas, capsicum

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