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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Two new favs!

Not so new, but took me a while to get around to blogging about it....

Firstly, LG''s Steamed Plantain. It looks so simple you will think, eh, just another "health food". But its really yummy, sweet but not too sweet, filling but light. She has so many good recipes I want to try.

Also, had bookmarked RP's Maampazha Pulisseri from the jivha for mangoes. Have made this a couple times, with ripe and semi-ripe mangoes, and even without coconut(I know, shame on me). We loved it.

Another example that Indian food is best!

Spices, food combinations, and even the type of cooking vessels all have a reason.


Saturday, July 08, 2006

My first - sabudana kichedi

Ive been wanting to try this out for a long time but was very afraid. I read too many horror stories of sticky clumps, and gummy messes. The fear of disaster swam in my mind. The dread of throwing out a pot-ful of dreams was more than I could bear. Finally I just closed my eyes and took the leap. And to my great surprise, it was fine. Better than fine. It came out excellent!
I searched around for some tips (on the web of course). And this is what I did.......

1. Rinse the sabudana well. Soak in lots of water for about 10 mins. Then rinse it again, and this time drain off the water and just let it sit for about an hour or two and repeat once more, run fingers through to make sure its not sticking.

2. Roast and grind peanuts to a powder, keep aside. Boil a potato- peel it and chop.

3. Mix the sabudana with the crushed peanuts and salt.

4. Add oil to cast iron pan. put cumin seeds and green chilies(use a lot to add flavour). Then add the potato pieces and fry till browned(I was too impatient). Add salt and chili powder. Add sabudana and stir for several minutes till they are cooked nicely. Sprinkle with lemon juice.

5. After taking the pic I added some chopped coriander leaves. Then I decided to make a cucumber raita to go with it. THAT really kicked it up a notch! I really liked the combination of textures it added.

*Side note: next time I would chop the green chilies more finely and the potatoes smaller.

Rare treat- murungai sambhar

I cant find the fresh drumstick very easily, and somehow Im wary of the frozen ones... I think it will be mushy, so I dont buy it, though we love drumstick. So, that makes this a rare treat :)

Friday, July 07, 2006

Tag World confessions

Thanks Nila, for tagging me....

5 items in my Freezer

Vegs- broccoli, peas, and a few I chopped and froze- like snake gourd
Dal- I try to cook a little extra and freeze it for shortcuts
Ice cream
Paratha- store bought
Shredded coconut- "homemade"

5 items in my Car

Old water bottles
A pillow

5 items in my Purse

Cell phone
A million old reciepts/papers
lipstick- though I hardly wear

5 items in my Closet

Hubbys clothes mostly on hangars
Boxes of more clothes
Winter hats, gloves

I would like to tag anyone who wants to play along!

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